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  ClientEnsemble, an innovative law firm portal system providing legal extranet and practice management functionality to law firms offered by the Xerdict Group
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Ensembleprovides the following tools to allow law firms to share administrative information with their clients, tightening the bond with their clients and allowing law firms to improve client relationships and to grow and expand existing relationships with their clients.

Client Ensemble can be used for a variety of purposese to provide the clients of a law firm with administrative information which might be helpful for case management purposes. Some examples of potential uses of this software to help facilitate the sharing of information between law firms and their clients is to publish invoices to clients (also helping law firm practice management by contributing to the improvement of a law firm's cash flow), make clients aware of upcoming law firm events, share published articles and works with clients, and distrbute law firm attorney and staff contact listings to help clients contact the appropriate law firm individuals in a more timely and efficient manner.

Xerdict Group is happy to arrange a demonstration of our legal extranet and practice management capabilities or to send prospective clients with literature to better illustrate these case management and practice management functions upon request.  Please contact us at Sales@xerdictgroup.com or 973-286-4350 with any needs or requests you have.


an invoice publishing tool which tracks and shares the current status of Firm invoices (e.g. mailed, in process, paid)

an upcoming events tool which allows law firms to build awareness of events such as seminars, social events, CLE courses, etc.. with their clients.
an internet links tool which allows law firms to direct clients to internet sites (either their own or other public sites) to further the interests of the law firm

a contact tool to share telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.. of appropriate firm personnel (both attorneys and staff) with clients. br>




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