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  CaseEnsemble, a case management and practice management legal extranet system provided by the Xerdict Group
CaseEnsemble is a proprietary, web-based law firm extranet collaboration system designed for legal matter management. The CaseEnsemble legal extranet system allows legal teams from different organizations and remote offices to share a single, secure, online area to track case management information, maintain a master calendar, collaborate on documents and post work product. With its off-the-shelf, instantly customizable configurations, CaseEnsemble can resolve even the most dissonant complex litigation matters within hours.

The CaseEnsemble legal case management and practice management capabilities include software modules that can support any type of litigation practice. CaseEnsemble also offers several customized case management configurations that provide collections of issue and/or practice specific data fields.

Xerdict products offer our clients the opportunity to adapt their solutions by adding, removing or relocating case management litigation fields; and customizing online queries. These queries help clients with many of their common practice management or litigation case management reporting or management requirements.

Xerdict can provide a quick demonstration of our litigation case management and practice management capabilities to prospective law firm or corporate law department clients. We can also create an online working legal extranet area for clients to review and use for a limited period of time, at no charge. This provides clients the opportunity to determine how our features and capabilities can be aligned to suit their needs.

For more information about our extranet product, read our CaseEnsemble Feature Set white paper.
System Features

  • A case calendar that allows team members to utilize and work with one master calendar.

  • A project management tool that tracks tasks, assignments and important dates.

  • A document collaboration tool that enables document editing, tracking and full-text or keyword searching.

  • A bulletin board that allows team members to post items of interest.

  • A communication tool that can notify team members when information of interest is added, or alert them to approaching due dates.

  • An outside counsel and timekeeper management tool that helps corporate law departments manage the set of approved timekeepers on litigation.

  • A task management tool that helps track the activities and deliverables that need attention while representing a client.

  • A customization tool that offers users "shrink-wrap" settings for many different types of matters.


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